Welcome to the Wisconsin Embedded Systems and Computing (WISEST) Lab at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. We are engaged in research on design, architecture, and optimization of hardware and software of embedded computing systems. Our current interests include low-power and power-aware computing, security and reliability of safety-critical systems, and mobile and pervasive computing.

Research Topics [ more ]

Secure and Reliable CPS
Making safety-critical cyber-physical systems more secure and reliable


Powering the IoT

Design framework for efficient and effective power subsystems of IoT devices


Lower-Power Embedded Systems

Improving energy efficiency of low-power embedded systems


Energy Harvesting and Storage

Efficiency-driven energy harvesting and storage design and management

Latest News
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Prof. Kim to serve as a TPC member of VLSID 2019 (June 2018)

Prof. Kim to serve as a Guest Editor of Elsevier the VLSI Journal on Integration Special Issue on ASP-DAC 2018 (April 2018)

Prof. Kim to serve as a TPC member of ASP-DAC 2019 (April 2018)

Prof. Kim to serve as a TPC member of ISLPED 2018 (January 2018)

Prof. Kim to serve as a TPC member of DAC 2018 (October 2017)

Recent Awards and Grants
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Yongwoo and Kyuin won the Best Demonstration Award in SIGDA University Demonstration at DAC 2018 (June 2018)

Setareh won a Grace Hopper Celebration Student Scholarship for attending GHC 2018 (May 2018)

Approximate serial bus project won the Fall Research Competition sponsored by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (December 2017)

Yongwoo won the 2nd Place in Moon-Jung Chung Scholarship at the KOCSEA Technical Symposium (November 2017)

AxSerBus: approximate serial bus invited to final competition of ISLPED Low-Power Design Contest (June 2018)

AxSerBus: approximate serial bus accepted to IEEE JETCAS (June 2018)

CamPUF: image sensor-based physically unclonable function accepted to University Demonstration @DAC 2018 (May 2018)

Paper on reconfigurable energy storage optimization accepted to IEEE TCAD (February 2018)

Two papers on wireless dairy monitoring system accepted to ASABE AIM and ASABE ISL (February 2018)