Setareh Behroozi and Jingjie Li at ISLPED 2018 Low-Power Design Contest (Winners)

Tianen Chen at DAC 2019

Kyuin Lee at UbiComp 2019

2019 Winter WISEST Group and Friends Gathering

Jingjie Li at CCS 2019

Welcome to WISEST!

Welcome to the Wisconsin Embedded Systems and Computing Lab at the University of Wisconsin–Madison! We are developing the next-generation computing and networking technologies to make embedded, mobile, and Internet-of-Things systems more efficient and trustworthy.

Graduate Students Wanted at WISEST!

We are looking for talented PhD and MS students to join the WISEST Lab for Fall 2022! If you are interested in embedded machine learning, energy-efficient computing, security and privacy, and the Internet-of-Things, please refer to the Open Positions and apply! Long-term full Research Assistantship and application fee support may be available for strong applicants.